71.01   Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs
   71.02   Railroad warning signals must be obeyed
   71.03   Drive on right side of highway
   71.04   Keep to right in crossing intersections or railroads
   71.05   Meeting of vehicles
   71.06   Overtaking a vehicle
   71.07   Limitations on privilege of overtaking and passing
   71.08   Driver to give way to overtaking vehicle
   71.09   Following too closely
   71.10   Turning at intersections
   71.11   Right-of-way
   71.12   Exceptions to right-of-way rule
   71.13   What to do on approach of Police or Fire Department vehicle and the like
   71.14   Driving through safety zone prohibited
   71.15   Coasting prohibited
   71.16   Vehicles shall not be driven on sidewalk
   71.17   Backing around corners or into intersections prohibited
   71.18   Reckless driving
   71.19   Exhibition driving
   71.20   Careless driving
   71.21   U-turns at intersections
   71.22   U-turns prohibited
   71.23   Truck routes and use of street or highways by trucks
   71.24   Slow driving
   71.25   Stealing rides and trailing sleds
   71.26   Snowmobile regulations
   71.27   Open container in a motor vehicle
   71.99   Penalty