General Provisions
   150.01   (Reserved)
   150.02   New home buyers warranty
   150.03   Escrow deposits
   150.04   Homeowner or condominium association affidavit requirement for building permits
Building Code
   150.10   Short title
   150.11   Florida Building Code adopted by reference; rejection of county regulations
   150.12   Effect of adoption of Florida Building Code on existing construction
   150.13   Procedure for amending Florida Building Code
   150.14   (Reserved)
   150.15   (Reserved)
   150.16   Permit fee schedule
   150.17   (Reserved)
   150.18   Bond to accompany building permit application
   150.19   Building Official may streamline building permit procedure
   150.20   Certificate of occupancy fee; disposition, waiver of fee
   150.21   Threshold buildings
   150.22   Administration by Building and Zoning Department of city
   150.23   Unsafe Structures Board
   150.24   Violations
Fire Safety Regulations
   150.30   Police, fire, rescue, construction projects, and capital expenditures; fee assessment on buildings
   150.31   Smoke detectors
   150.32   Annual fire inspections, life safety plan review and apparatus; fee schedule
Public Works Construction
   150.40   Adoption of county specifications
   150.41   Substitution of certain terms, penalty for those used in county specifications
   150.42   Building permit, fee payment required
   150.43   Permit fee schedule
   150.44   Imposition of fine, penalty not to excuse violation
Swimming Pools and Barriers
   150.50   Definition
   150.51   Permit for pool or pool barrier construction, when required
   150.52   (Reserved)
   150.53   (Reserved)
   150.54   Barriers required for existing pools
   150.55   Barriers to be nonscalable and impenetrable
   150.56   Final inspection and approval
   150.57   Violations
Theatres, Auditoriums
   150.65   Permit application; required plans
Condominium Conversion
   150.70   Definitions
   150.71   Compliance with existing ordinances
   150.72   Issuance of building permits
   150.73   Violations
Interim Services and Facilities Fee
   150.80   Definitions
   150.81   Imposition of fee
   150.82   Computation of fee
   150.83   Fee collection
   150.84   Unpaid fee; lien
Clean-Up Upon Completion of Construction
   150.90   Removal of building materials, debris required; exception; construction or improvement
Property Maintenance Code
   150.95   Property Maintenance Code