(A)   The fee schedules relating to life safety plan review fees, inspection, and testing of fire safety and fire-extinguishing apparatus, and annual fire inspection must be approved by the City Commission. The fee schedules shall be available in the City Clerk's office.
   (B)   On October 1 of each year, the fees referred to above shall be increased, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers in the United States, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the 12 months ending April of each year, without City Commission approval, unless otherwise instructed by the City Commission.
   (C)   Annual fire inspections shall be conducted on all businesses or commercial enterprises operating within the city and each business or commercial enterprise shall receive an individual inspection notwithstanding that more than one business or commercial enterprise may be located within a single structure. The "owner" as defined by the Florida Building Code shall be responsible for payment of the inspection fees, provided however that the property owner, as set forth on the latest tax assessment roll provided to the city by the property appraiser's office, shall be ultimately responsible for the payment of the fees.
   (D)   Collection, disposal of fees. The fees specified herein shall be collected by the Building and Zoning Department at the time that plans are submitted for review or at the time that the fire safety and fire- extinguishing apparatus inspections and testing are accomplished. Thereafter, the Building and Zoning Department shall remit the funds to the account of the Fire Department to be used to promote fire safety within the city.
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