(A)   The Building Official shall be charged with the collection of the interim services and facilities fee, which fee shall be collected from the owner as a condition precedent to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or shell certificate of occupancy by the Building Department. Upon request for a certificate of occupancy, the chief Building Official shall request and shall receive a statement of the interim service and facilities fees due and payable for the structure in question from the Finance Department. The fee statements shall be presented to the owner and collected prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Subsequent to collection, and in any event on a daily basis, the Building Official shall remit monies collected pursuant to this section to the Finance Department.
   (B)   The Finance Director shall deposit all fees collected into a non-lapsing trust fund established and maintained by the city.
   (C)   The Finance Director is hereby directed to deposit all fees collected pursuant to Section 4.06 of the Charter into the non-lapsing trust fund created in accordance with the provisions set forth in this section.
   (D)   The use of the collected fees will be restricted and limited to the purchase of new or replacement equipment and the acquisition, expansion, and development of service facilities for new users, in a manner consistent with the principles set forth in Contractors and Builders Association of Pinellas County vs. City of Dunedin, 329 So.2d 314 (Fla. 1976) and otherwise consistent with all requirements of the Constitution of the United States, this state, and all applicable laws.
('69 Code, § 6-60) (Ord. 578, passed 9-16-81; Am. Ord. 805, passed 9-3-86)