(A)   Building permit fees shall be paid whenever a building permit is required under provisions of the building code of the city, in accordance with the schedule of fees. In the event any work for which a permit is required is started or proceeded with prior to the issuance of a permit by the duly-authorized person, the person shall be liable for and pay to the city a double permit fee for the work. The payment of the double permit fee shall be made before any further permits shall be issued to the person owing the double permit fee. The payment of the double permit fee shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the other requirements specified by ordinance nor from any other penalties prescribed therein.
   (B)   The fees schedules for building permit structural fees, electrical permits, gas permits, mechanical and air conditioning permits, plumbing, site improvements, and miscellaneous fees are incorporated herein by reference and available in the City Clerk's office.
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