(A)   All applications for permits to construct or use existing buildings for theatre, auditorium, or motion picture purposes shall have plans prepared showing the following.
      (1)   Ingress and egress to the building and all appurtenant structures.
      (2)   All arrangements for seating, including aisles, number of seats, stages, projection rooms, and other facilities.
      (3)   Fire exits, escapes, and other doors and doorways.
      (4)   Off-street parking sufficient to accommodate all patrons to be seated within the theatre, auditorium, and motion picture house.
      (5)   Design of any advertising, signs, billboards, marquees and other exterior structures or appurtenances.
   (B)   The plans and specifications shall be presented to the Building and Zoning Department for preliminary approval as to conformity with the Building Code of the city and other applicable ordinances, as well as compliance with the Southeastern Fire Underwriters rules and regulations relating to public theatres and auditoriums. The Building and Zoning Department shall then make a determination and recommendation to the City Commission as to the compliance of the plans for the proposed theatre or auditorium with the foregoing provisions, rules, and regulations. The plans and specifications shall also be submitted to the State Fire Marshal for his approval.
   (C)   All plans and specifications shall be presented to the City Commission for approval before any permit shall be issued for the construction of a theatre, auditorium, or motion picture house or the use of an existing building for such purposes. No plans shall be approved unless the City Commission finds that adequate provision has been made for ingress and egress, fire exits, public safety, off-street parking, handling of traffic, signs, and other indications of use consistent with good morals and the proper development of commercial establishments within the city. The criteria for approval of the foregoing, particularly the requirements set forth in division (A) above, shall be in conformity with the applicable building and zoning ordinances and regulations of the city and other regulatory statutes of the city and state.
('69 Code, § 6-51) (Ord. 243, passed 12-21-70) Penalty, see § 10.99