Water Capacity Benefit Permits Regulations
924.01   Intent.
924.02   Liberal construction.
924.03   Severability.
924.04   Conflict.
924.05   Scope of application of water capacity benefit.
924.06   Authority having jurisdiction.
924.07   Property owner liable for fees.
924.08   Disposition and administration of funds.
924.09   Annual review and modification.
924.10   Imposition of capacity benefit permit.
924.11   Calculation of capacity benefit permit.
924.12   Establishment of development subarea.
924.14   Capacity benefit permit coefficients.
924.15   Bonding of excess facility projects.
924.16   Effect of capacity benefit permit on other municipal regulation.
924.17   Capacity benefit permit is additional and supplemental  requirement.
924.18   Delinquent account actions.
924.19   Permit issuance.