(a)   Charges are a Lien.  Permits charged pursuant to this chapter are hereby made a lien upon the premises subject to the application for permit.  If such Permits are not paid within thirty days after the Permits become due and payable, the Finance Director, at the direction of the City Manager, may certify the amount for such fees to the County Auditor.  The Auditor shall place same upon the tax duplicate with interest at the highest rate allowable by Ohio statutes and cause such amount to be collected as other Municipal taxes are collected.  The effective date for such lien shall be upon the date of certification to the County Auditor.
   (b)   Suspension of Plan Reviews and Application Processing.  No plans or other submittal documents shall be accepted for review and/or processing, and the review of documents or processing of any application which is already in progress shall cease, if the applicant has failed to pay any fees which are due and payable to the Municipality in accordance with this chapter or other Municipal regulations.
   (c)   Interest Rate on Unpaid Permits.  Any Capacity Benefit Permit due and owing the Municipality shall bear interest at the highest rate allowable by law per annum, if such amount is not paid within thirty days of invoice date. 
(Ord. 2414. Passed 8-15-95.)