(a)   The Authorities having jurisdiction shall annually, in conjunction with the annual capital budget and  capital improvements plan adoption processes, review the development potential of the subarea and the capital improvements plan and make such modifications as are deemed necessary as a result of:
      (1)   Development occurring in the prior year;
      (2)   Capital improvements actually constructed;
      (3)   Changing facility needs;
      (4)   Inflation;
      (5)   Revised cost estimates for capital improvements;
      (6)   Changes in the availability of other funding sources applicable to public facility projects; and
      (7)   Such other factors as may be relevant.
   (b)   Modifications to the development potential, the capital improvements program, and the Capacity Benefit Permit coefficients shall be recommended for adoption prior to March of each year and shall be effective on the first date allowable by law.
   (c)   Modifications deemed to be necessary as a result of unforeseen circumstances or to ensure the equitable and proportionate application of the Capacity Benefit Permits, may be made during the course of the year subject to approval by Council and proper public notice in the manner provided for by Municipal regulations.
   (d)   Failure of the Authorities to review, as provided herein, shall not effect the enforcement and application of this chapter. 
(Ord. 2414. Passed 8-15-95.)