Buildings and land shall be used in Residential Districts, and buildings shall be erected, altered, moved and maintained in Residential Districts, only for the uses set forth as permitted in the following schedule:
   Main Buildings and Uses            Accessory Buildings and Uses
(a)   R1-A: One-family dwellings.             Private garages and parking
   By conditional use permit: public          areas; private garden and
   water supply reservoir; tower             recreational uses; structures,
   and pumping station; public             pools, fences and walls; home
   sewage treatment works; electric          offices and occupations; renting
   power substation; licensed family          of rooms; accessory living
   home.  Family home means a          accommodations; pets;
   residential facility providing             nameplate, bulletin board and
   room and board, personal care,          real estate signs.
   habilitation services and
   supervision in a family setting
   for at least six, but not more
   than eight, persons with
   developmental disabilities as
   provided for in Ohio R.C. 5123.19.
(b)   R1-B:  Main uses permitted in             Accessory uses permitted in R1-A
   R1-A District.                  District.
   By conditional use permit:  same
   uses enumerated in R1-A District.
(c)   RM-D: Single-family and two-            Accessory use permitted in R1-A
   family dwellings, townhouses,             District. Rooms for tourists,
   plexes and apartments.                storage garages and parking
   By a conditional use permit:              areas for automobiles as
   public water supply reservoir,             accessory to two-family
   tower and pumping station;             dwellings, townhouses, plex
   public sewage treatment works;          dwellings and apartments.
   electric power station.
(d)   RPO:  Main uses permitted in             Accessory uses permitted in R1-A
   R1-B District and Residence/            Districts and parking areas
   Professional Office uses as             for automobiles as accessory to
   further regulated in this chapter,          Residence/Professional Office
   including Section 1270.31.            buildings as further regulated
   By conditional use permit:             herein.
   same uses as enumerated in
   R1-B District.
(e)   SRC:  Senior citizen center for             Accessory uses: Service and
   persons aged 55 years or older,          maintenance buildings, off-street
   which includes the following             parking and garages, and related
   permitted main uses: dwelling             facilities and services.
   facilities, apartments, row houses
   and other attached or detached
   dwellings.  Rest, nursing or other
   health facilities primarily for the
   use of the occupants. Dining
   facilities primarily for occupants
   and/or employees. Recreational
   facilities primarily for occupants. 
   Administrative offices.
(Ord. 89-210.  Passed 2-6-90; Ord. 90-196.  Passed 10-16-90.)
(f)   RR:  Detached one-family             Private garages and parking
   dwellings.                  areas; home offices and
   By conditional use (with             occupations; renting of rooms;
   appropriate permit and minimum          gardens and pets; barns and/or
   acreage):  commercial equestrian          stables; pools; fences and walls.
   uses (ten acres minimum); bed
   and breakfast inns; plant
   husbandry; private sport
   recreation, including golf courses
   and country clubs; government
   agencies, such as fire stations
   and police stations; same uses as
   enumerated in R1-A District.
(Ord. 95-22.  Passed 5-3-95.)