1270.01  INTENT.
   Residential Districts and their regulations are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To regulate the bulk and location of buildings in relation to land in order to obtain proper light, air, privacy and usable open spaces on each zoning lot appropriate for the district;
   (b)   To regulate the density and distribution of population in accordance with the objectives of the residential plan to avoid congestion and to maintain adequate services;
   (c)   To provide protection from noxious fumes, odors, dust, excessive noises, invasion of abnormal vehicular traffic and other objectionable influences;
   (d)   To protect the desirable characteristics of existing residential development, to promote stability and the most desirable and beneficial use of land, and to bring about eventual conformity with the adopted or officially accepted Master Plan and other plans of the City;
   (e)   To protect and retain the existing residential character of areas that adjoin major arterials where nonresidential strip development is not desired by providing for a Residence/Professional Office District.
(Ord. 89-210.  Passed 2-6-90.)