(a)   Permitted Uses. Permitted uses in the RPO District are as follows:
      (1)   One-family uses;
      (2)   Accessory buildings and uses, including:
         A.   Private garages and parking areas;
         B.   Private gardens and recreational uses;
         C.   Structures, pools, fences and walls;
         D.   Home professional offices as regulated in Section 1270.03(b);
         E.   Home occupations as regulated in Section 1270.03(c);
         F.   Renting of rooms and/or accessory living accommodations;
         G.   Nameplate, bulletin board or real estate sign; and
         H.   Household pets as regulated in Section 1270.03(e), but excluding horses.
      (3)   Residence/professional offices. A residence/professional office use may be permitted in a Residence/Professional Office District, including, but not limited to, the following professions: accountant, appraiser, insurance agent, architect, lawyer, musician, physician, realtor, marriage counselor, barber, beautician, word processor, dentist, orthodontist, photographer, data processor, engineer or planner.
         In addition, City Council, with the prior review of the Planning Commission, may permit any other professional use which is omparable in character to any of the above uses listed in this section, provided that such use meets all of the other regulations and conditions of this section and this Zoning Code. Each residence/professional office use shall meet the following supplemental regulations and conditions.
   (b)   Use.
      (1)   Not more than two professional businesses shall be conducted in any single residence/professional office building, and these two businesses shall be conducted wholly within the main use.
      (2)   There shall be only one main building per lot.
   (c)   Parking and Drives.
      (1)   The number of automobile parking spaces required and provided (excluding enclosed garage spaces) shall not exceed five automobile spaces per each 1,500 square feet of the main building. The number of vehicles attracted to the premises shall not be greater than permitted in accordance with these provisions.
      (2)   All driveways and parking areas shall be paved in asphalt or concrete, and paved hard-surface shall not exceed twenty percent of the total lot area. All unpaved areas not covered by buildings shall be landscaped and properly maintained.
      (3)   Driveways shall not exceed eighteen feet in width.
      (4)   No commercial vehicle or truck may be stored on the premises.
      (5)   There shall be no off-street parking permitted in the front yard.
   (d)   Lot Area.
      (1)   A residence/professional office use shall be permitted only on lots equal to or greater than the R1-B minimum lot area of 13,600 square feet.
      (2)   The maximum building ground cover shall be thirty-five percent of the lot area.
   (e)   Design Standards.
      (1)   The residential character of the dwelling exterior shall be maintained and any new construction shall be of a residential character in its exterior design, scale, materials, color, landscaping and building elements, such as doors and windows.
      (2)   Height of buildings shall be no greater than thirty-five feet or two and one-half stories.
      (3)   All buildings and site improvements shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.
   (f)   Performance Standards.
      (1)   No equipment shall be used which will create objectionable disturbances beyond the premises.
      (2)   No window display or signboard is to be used to advertise occupations or services. However, an identification nameplate provided for in Section 1284.07(a) may designate the permitted professional use therein.
      (3)   No merchandise or product is to be sold, manufactured or stored on the premises.
      (4)   All office activity must be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
   (g)   Conditionally Permitted Uses. Conditionally permitted uses as specified in the R1-A District shall not be allowed in the RPO District.
(Ord. 89-210. Passed 2-6-90.)