A lot of record which does not comply with the area or width of lot regulations of the district in which it is located on the effective date of this Zoning Code or any amendment thereto which made it nonconforming, may be used as follows:
   (a)   If occupied by a building, such building may be maintained, repaired or altered. However, the building may not be enlarged in floor area unless the depth of front yard, total width of side yards and the rear yard regulations are complied with.
   (b)   If vacant, the lot may be used, provided that:
      (1)   No adjoining vacant lot or parcel of land was owned by the same owner on the effective date of this Zoning Code;
      (2)   Not owning adjoining land, other vacant land cannot be equitably acquired adjoining the lot; and
      (3)   All provisions of this Zoning Code, except the lot area and lot width regulations, shall be complied with. A lot of insufficient width will be allowed only if such lot is ninety percent of the lot size in area required in the district in which said lot is located.
(Ord. 89-210. Passed 2-6-90; Ord. 91-73. Passed 5-8-91.)