Council may, by ordinance, provide for and create a Recreation Board of not more than five (5) members, and may provide for the organization and compensation thereof. At least one (1) member shall be designated by the Board of Education, and one (1) member by the Council from its own membership.
   It shall be the function and duty of the Recreation Board, when created, to supervise and maintain playgrounds, playfields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and recreation centers, and to equip, operate, and maintain such facilities, and for such purposes said Board may accept gifts, donations, bequests, and endowments, and may take title to, maintain, and operate real estate and personal property. It may upon approval by ordinance of Council cooperate with other public and private civic groups, bodies, corporations, and individuals, and may employ play leaders, recreation directors, supervisors, superintendents, or any other officials or employees as it may deem proper.
(c)   FUNDS.
   Council may appropriate to the Recreation Board or cause to be raised by taxation for the benefit of such Board, an amount necessary and sufficient to carry out any of the purposes hereinbefore granted to it, which appropriation of tax funds shall be subject to disbursement as provided for by the appropriation ordinance.