The inhabitants of the Municipality of North Royalton, as its limits now are or hereafter may be, shall be a body politic and corporate by name, the Municipality of North Royalton, and as such shall have perpetual succession. If and when the Municipality of North Royalton shall, under the Constitution and general law, become a city, it shall be known as the City of North Royalton, and wherever in this Charter the word "Municipality" appears, it shall then be construed to read "City", and the provisions of this Charter shall apply whether the Municipality is a village or a city. It shall have all powers of local self-government which now are, or hereafter may be granted to municipalities by the Constitution or laws of the State of Ohio, either expressly or by implication, as fully as though every such power were expressly enumerated herein. The enumeration of or reference to particular powers by this Charter shall not be construed to be exclusive.