The Director of Finance shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of a majority of the members of Council.
(11-7-67; 11-4-97)
   Education and experience shall be established by ordinance of Council.
(c)   TERM.
   The Director of Finance shall serve for a term which shall be concurrent with the term of the Mayor, or until his successor is appointed and qualified.
(d)   REMOVAL.
   The Director of Finance may be removed for the same reasons that exist in the case of Councilmen, and in the same manner.
(e)   DUTIES.
   The Director of Finance shall be the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City, shall serve full-time, and shall administer the fiscal affairs of the City, including: the supervision and maintenance of records and accounting procedures which shall conform to the General Laws of Ohio; the compilation of estimates for the budget of all departments of the City; the exercise of financial budgetary controls over appropriations made; the custody of funds, investments and other property of the City; the issuance of licenses; the collections of fees, assessments and tax revenues for which the City is responsible; the investment and deposit of funds as may be provided by Council; the payment of the public debt of the City; and such other duties as may be required by this Charter and/or as Council or the Mayor may impose upon him consistent with his office.