(a)   The Council may by ordinance establish, provide for the organization of, and prescribe the functions of a Department of Finance, a Department of Public Safety, a Department of Public Service and Properties, a Department of Law and such other departments and/or divisions thereof as may in their judgment be required from time to time, but which may be not inconsistent with this charter, and may combine and abolish existing departments as it may deem necessary, and may authorize one person to be the head of two or more departments or divisions.
(b)   The Mayor shall appoint all directors, administrators and heads of departments by the first regular Council meeting in the month of January following the Mayor's election to office. Council shall have thirty (30) days to approve or disapprove the appointments. Disapproval by Council shall be allowed when an appointee fails to meet the qualifications of the position established by Charter or by ordinance. In the event an appointee is disqualified by Council for failure to qualify for the position appointed, the Mayor shall appoint a replacement appointee who shall again be subjected to Council approval or rejection on qualifications within a thirty (30) day period. In the event the substitute appointee is disapproved by Council for failing to meet qualifications established, a special appointing committee shall be formed wherein three (3) members will be appointed for the purposes of identifying and appointing the needed department head. The Committee shall be composed of one (1) member appointed by Council, and one (1) member appointed by the Mayor, and a third member selected by the other two (2) members. The majority vote of the members selected to the Committee shall designate the appointed department head.