(a)   TERM.
   The Mayor shall be elected for a term of four (4) years and shall serve until his or her successor is elected and certified.  No person elected Mayor shall hold the office for more than three (3) consecutive terms or twelve (12) consecutive years, unless one (1) full term or more has elapsed since that person last held the office of Mayor.  The office of the Mayor shall be located at City Hall.  The Mayor shall devote full time during business hours and such other time as may be necessary to conduct the business of the City.
(5-2-95; 11-4-97; 11-4-08)
   The Mayor for at least three (3) years previous to his or her election shall have been, and during his or her term of office shall be, a registered elector and a bona fide resident of the Municipality. He or she shall not hold any other public office or public employment except as otherwise provided in this Charter or by ordinance enacted hereunder, and that of notary public or membership in the State Militia or Reserve Corps of the United States. Participation in or service upon regional councils of government or similar entities shall not be precluded by the restrictions set forth herein. (11-4-97; 11-6-12)
(c)   REMOVAL.
   The Council may remove the Mayor for gross misconduct, malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance or in disqualification for office, or for the conviction while in office of a crime involving moral turpitude, or for a violation of his or her oath of office; provided, however, that such removal shall not take place without the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of the members elected to Council nor until the Mayor shall have been notified in writing of the charge against him or her at least ten (10) days in advance of any hearing upon such charge, and he or she or his or her counsel has been given an opportunity to be heard, present evidence, or examine any witness appearing in support of such charge.  (11-4-97)
   The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the Municipality. He or she shall supervise the administration of the affairs of the Municipality and shall exercise control over all departments and divisions. He or she shall be the chief conservator of the peace and shall see that all laws and ordinances are enforced therein. He or she shall recommend to the Council such measures as he or she deems necessary or expedient. He or she shall see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Municipality or its inhabitants in any franchise or contract to which this Municipality is a party are faithfully kept and performed. The Mayor shall execute, on behalf of the Municipality, all contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party. He or she shall have the custody of the seal of the Municipality and shall affix it to all of the above-mentioned documents, but the absence of the seal shall not affect the validity of any such document. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official and ceremonial head of the government by the Governor for military purposes and by the courts for the purpose of serving civil processes.  (11-4-97)
(e)   VETO.
   Any ordinance or resolution passed by the Council shall be signed by the President or other presiding officer and presented to the Mayor by the Clerk of Council. If the Mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, he or she shall sign it within ten (10) days after its passage or adoption by the Council, but if he or she does not approve it, he or she shall return it to the Council with his or her objections within said ten (10) days by delivery to the Clerk of Council, which objections shall be entered in full on the Journal of the Council. The Mayor may approve or disapprove the whole or any items of an ordinance appropriating money, but otherwise his or her approval or disapproval shall be addressed  to the entire  ordinance or resolution. If the  Mayor does not sign or  veto an ordinance or resolution after its passage or adoption within the time specified, it shall take effect in the same manner as if he or she had signed it. When the Mayor has disapproved an ordinance or resolution or item of it, as herein provided, the Council shall, not later than the next regular meeting, proceed to reconsider it, and if on reconsideration the ordinance, resolution or item is approved by vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members elected to Council, it shall then take effect as if it had received the signature of the Mayor. In all such cases the votes shall be taken by "yeas" and "nays" and entered upon the Journal.  (11-4-97)
   The Mayor shall have the right to introduce legislation and to take part in discussion at Council meetings.
   The Mayor shall have all the judicial powers granted by this Charter, the ordinances of the Municipality, and the general laws of Ohio to mayors of municipalities of the class of the Municipality.
   The Mayor shall take office on the first day of January next following his/her election, and shall continue to serve until his/her successor has been duly elected and qualified. 
(11-5-68; 11-8-16)