General Provisions
   154.001   Title of chapter
   154.002   Purpose and scope of chapter
   154.003   Definitions
License, Bond and Permits
   154.020   License required for sign contractors; fee; expiration
   154.021   Revocation of license generally
   154.022   Notice and hearing on revocation of license
   154.023   Bond
   154.024   Sign permit required; exceptions
   154.025   Application for sign permit
   154.026   Sign permit fee
   154.040   Duties of Building Inspector
   154.041   Height limitations
   154.042   Footings
   154.043   Identification sticker
   154.044   Maintenance of signs
   154.045   Rebuilding, enlargement or relocation of existing signs
   154.046   Certificate of safety
   154.047   Authority to order removal of unlawful signs
General Sign Standards; Permitted and Prohibited Signs
   154.060   Permitted signs by zoning district
   154.061   Exemptions from permit requirement
   154.062   Prohibited signs
   154.063   Banners and flags
   154.064   Removal of signs on discontinuance of business
   154.065   Removal or reconstruction of unlawful signs
   154.066   Removal of signs on public property
   154.067   Back-to-back or V-shaped signs
   154.068   Signs along Federal Aid Highways or Federal Aid Projects
   154.069   Signs along Interstate Highway 80 and State Highways
   154.070   Signs on a campus
Design and Construction Standards
   154.085   Generally
   154.086   Overturning moment and dead-load resisting moment
   154.087   Wind loads
   154.088   Allowable stresses
   154.089   Anchorage
   154.090   Portable ground signs
   154.091   Signs attached to masonry, concrete or steel
   154.092   Use of wooden blocks, plugs or anchors
   154.093   Signs attached to parapet walls
   154.094   Size, thickness and type of glass panels
   154.095   Clearance
   154.096   Interference with fire escape, exit or standpipe
Conflicting Provisions
   154.110   Sign code to govern in case of conflict
   154.999   Penalty