A.   No building, structure or improvement shall be moved or set from or upon land located in any area or transported upon any public street, road or highway in the City of Newport until and unless a building permit to move and set and a transport permit has been obtained therefore and said building, structure or improvement complies with the provisions of this section.
   B.   All buildings, structures and improvements shall comply with the City of Newport's Building Code.
      1.   Any person who wishes to obtain a building permit, to move and set in compliance herewith shall apply at the office of the Building Inspector requesting an inspection of the building, structure or improvement to be moved and set, and that an application for such permit be filed with the Building Inspector.
      2.   The applicant shall submit, with his application for said building permit, a plot plan, footing and foundation plan and construction plans for any new construction. Said plans shall comply with the City of Newport's Building Code.
      3.   If the building, structure or improvement is located in the City of Newport, all outstanding property taxes shall be paid and the applicant shall submit with his application a statement from the City of Newport's Director of Finance showing that all past and current taxes have been paid before any permit shall be issued.
      4.   Upon receipt of the foregoing items, the Building Inspector shall inspect said building, structure or improvements, and the proposed location where same will be set within the City of Newport and determine that the proposed development complies with the Building Code.
      5.   The move and set shall be referred to the Zoning Administrator for approval or denial of compliance with this ordinance.
      6.   Upon approval by the Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector, a permit shall be issued to permit the move and set. The City of Newport Engineer shall then be notified of same and shall issue a transport permit. The City of Newport's Engineer or his agent will designate the route to be traveled. The transport permit is good only for the date specified on permits except Saturday, Sunday or holidays. The transport permit will not be issued if ninety (90) consecutive calendar days or more have lapsed from the date of inspection by the Building Inspector.
      7.   There will be a building permit fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($ 250) to cover the costs of investigation and inspection for determining the structural soundness of buildings, structures, or improvements to be moved, which fee is payable in advance and must accompany the application provided for herein. The inspection shall determine what will be necessary to bring buildings, structures, or improvements into compliance with the City of Newport Building Code, and this Ordinance, a building permit will be issued at the regular fees as determined by the valuation of said building, structure, or improvements as published in the Building Code. This fee is in addition to the two hundred fifty dollars ($ 250) fee first listed.
      8.   The transport permit provided for in this section shall not be in lieu of any building permits, which may be required by the City.
      9.   No transport of building permit to move and set shall be issued until the applicant has first obtained the necessary permits from the telephone company, public utilities companies, railroad companies and the State Highway Department of Kentucky and the Campbell County Road Supervisor unless it can be shown by the applicant that these agencies are not interested in the matter.
      10.   No transport of building permit to move and set shall be issued for any building, structure or improvement in the City of Newport until and unless such person, corporation or company shall post with the Building Inspector a good and sufficient indemnity bond in the amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000) in favor of the City of Newport.
         Such bond shall be made by a Surety Corporation authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; said bond may be issued on an annual basis but shall not be in excess of such period of time.