Notwithstanding other provisions of this ordinance, no governmental entity or other person or entity shall strip, excavate, fill, or otherwise move soil for sale or for any other purpose, except for minor changes such as the filling of small pockets in lots, flower beds and other similar operations, in any zone set forth in this ordinance without first insuring that all requirements of the Subdivision Regulations of the City of Newport, if applicable, have been fulfilled and then obtaining a permit from the Building Department for such stripping, excavating, filling, or other means of soil movement. The Building Department shall issue the required permit only after being informed by letter from the City of Newport's Engineer that the resulting change of grade in the affected area will not be against the best interests of the local area. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to prohibit normal excavation or grading incidental to the construction or alteration of a building on the premises for which a building permit has been granted as required otherwise in this ordinance, but shall include all road cuts thereto.