Bus shelters shall be a permitted use in all zones, subject to the following requirements:
   A.   LOCATION: Bus shelters may be permitted only at bus stops designated by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, subject to prior approval for each location by the Newport Board of Commissioners.  Bus shelters may be permitted within a public right of way, subject to prior approval by the Newport City Engineer (for local streets) or by the Kentucky Department of Transportation (for state maintained right of ways). No portion of a bus shelter may extend within two (2) feet of the street pavement edge. Adequate pedestrian access shall be maintained through the bus shelter site.
   B.   SIZE RESTRICTIONS/CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Bus shelters shall conform to size specifications and shall be constructed with materials that have been approved by the Newport Board of Commissioners.
   C.   ADVERTISING SIGNS:  No signage shall be allowed on any bus shelter.
   D.   REVIEW PROCEDURES: No bus shelters shall be constructed without an approved zoning and building permit. A development plan shall be required for a zoning permit for each bus shelter proposal and shall include the following information:
      1.   Total area in development project;
      2.   Identification of adjacent pavement width and right of way;
      3.   Identification of above ground and underground utilities;
      4.   Identification of all proposed utility connections;
      5.   Identification of all easements to be continued, created, relocated or abandoned;
      6.   Dimensions and location of proposed bus shelter;
      7.   Identification of any existing traffic signs or any obstructions to sight clearance within fifteen (15) feet of the proposed bus shelter.