General Provisions
   70.001   Definitions
   70.002   Effect of traffic code
   70.003   Severability
   70.004   Adult school crossing guards; obedience
   70.005   Safety belt use required
   70.006   Corner visibility
   70.007   Abandoned vehicles
   70.008   Buses, trucks and other vehicles prohibited on certain streets
Administration and Enforcement
   70.020   Required obedience to traffic regulations
   70.021   Board of Public Works and Safety
   70.022   Forms for notices of violation and appearance
   70.023   Procedure upon citation for violation
   70.024   Notice on illegally parked vehicles
   70.025   Failure to comply with notice attached to parked vehicle
   70.026   When complaint to be issued
Enforcement and Obedience
   70.040   Authority of police officers; authority of members of Fire Department to assist police at fire
   70.041   Obedience to Police and Fire Department officials
   70.042   Persons propelling pushcarts or riding animals to obey traffic regulations
   70.043   Use of coasters, roller skates and similar devices restricted
   70.044   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   70.045   Special exemptions for authorized emergency vehicles
   70.046   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   70.047   Immediate report of accident
Operation of Vehicles Generally
   70.060   Following fire apparatus
   70.061   Crossing fire hose
   70.062   Driving through funeral or other procession
   70.063   Driving in procession
   70.064   Funeral processions to be identified
   70.065   When permits required for parades and processions
   70.066   Vehicles not to be driven on sidewalk
   70.067   Limitations on backing into intersection
   70.068   Riding on motorcycles or mopeds
   70.069   Clinging to moving vehicles
   70.070   Limited access roadways
   70.071   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   70.072   Unlawful riding
   70.073   Driving in alleys
   70.074   Vehicle noise and exhaust limitations
   70.075   Weight restrictions on certain bridges within the city
Speed Regulations
   70.085   Applicability of state speed laws
   70.086   Speed limits in public parks
   70.100   Required position and method of turning at intersections
   70.101   Obedience to turning markers
   70.102   Obedience to no-turn signs
   70.103   Limitations on turning around
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   70.115   Operation of vehicles on designated one-way streets and alleys
Stop Intersections and Yield Intersections
   70.130   Stop signals; authority to erect
   70.131   Stop signs; duty to stop
   70.132   Yield intersections
Traffic-Control Signals and Devices
   70.145   Manual and specifications for traffic- control devices
   70.146   Obedience to official traffic-control devices
   70.147   Flashing signals
   70.148   Display of unauthorized signs, signals and markings
   70.149   Interference with official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals
Stopping, Standing or Parking
   70.160   Stop required when emerging from alley or private driveway
   70.161   Stop when traffic obstructed
   70.162   Obedience to signal indicating approach of railroad train
   70.163   Standing or parking close to curb
   70.164   Angle parking
   70.165   Parking prohibited in specified places
   70.166   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   70.167   Parking in alleys
   70.168   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   70.169   Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets
   70.170   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
   70.171   Parking time limited on certain streets
   70.172   Parking signs required
   70.173   Restricted, impaired mobility parking
Snow and/or Emergencies and Traffic Control
   70.185   Travel advisories
   70.186   Prohibitions on the travel, parking and standing of vehicles on emergency routes
Blocking of Grade Crossings
   70.200   Blocking of grade crossings prohibited
   70.201   Successive trains may not obstruct vehicular traffic
   70.999   Penalty