General Provisions
   152.01   Definitions
   152.02   General authority for investigations and inspections
Drainage Regulations
   152.15   Drainage permits when to be obtained
   152.16   Eligibility to obtain permit
   152.17   Application
   152.18   Issuance
   152.19   Duration of permit
   152.20   Drainage plans
   152.21   When professionally prepared and certified drainage plans are not required
   152.22   Deviation from the approved plan
   152.23   Impacted drainage areas
   152.24   Variance procedure
   152.25   Posting of bond
   152.26   Dedication of easement
   152.27   Fees for permits obtained after commencement of work
   152.28   Revocation of permits
   152.29   Stop-work order
   152.30   Application fee
   152.31   Exemption for certain governmental units
   152.32   Characteristics of drainage facility
   152.33   Drainage to adequate receiving place
   152.34   Accommodation of runoff within parcel
   152.35   Accommodation of runoff downstream from parcel
   152.36   Acceptance of upstream drainage
   152.37   Adjacent structures and property
   152.38   Land alterations to be accomplished in accordance with drainage requirement
   152.39   Maximum slope
   152.40   Permanency of grades
   152.41   Subsurface drainage
   152.42   Blocking drainage ways
   152.43   Protection from erosion
   152.44   Sediment control
   152.45   Certificate of completion and compliance
Procedure for the Investigation of a Drainage Nuisance
   152.60   Procedure
   152.99   Penalty