Parking Generally
   72.01   Owner's responsibility for illegal parking
   72.02   Manner of parking
   72.03   Parking within an intersection
   72.04   Parking on a crosswalk
   72.05   Parking from curblines and property lines
   72.06   Parking in front of fire hydrant
   72.07   Parking when prohibited for temporary reasons
   72.08   Parking at bus or taxicab stop
   72.09   Parking in railway or interurban depot
   72.10   Parking display cars on street prohibited
   72.11   Parking when loading or unloading passengers
   72.12   Parking to display merchandise; selling from vehicles
   72.13   Parking to wash, grease or repair vehicle
   72.14   Parking of vehicles that are not self-propelled
   72.15   Overnight parking
   72.16   Parking when loading materials
   72.17   Parking in alleys
   72.18   Prohibited parking areas
   72.19   Downtown parking
   72.20   Individual resident-only permit parking areas
Leased Parking Lots
   72.31   Leased parking lots established in Downtown Business District
   72.32   Leasing a parking space
   72.33   Increase of parking permit fees
   72.34   Parking without permit; fines
   72.35   Money collected to be put in special fund
Disabled Parking
   72.55   Definitions
   72.56   Parking allowances
   72.57   Parking prohibited
   72.58   Unauthorized use of special parking permit
   72.59   Designation of special parking spaces
   72.60   Unauthorized use of disabled persons' parking spaces in parking facilities
Administration and Enforcement
   72.70   Police to patrol districts with time-limit parking
   72.71   Parking signs
   72.72   Loading and unloading permits
   72.73   Reserved
   72.74   Dispositions of fines and forfeitures
   72.99   Penalty