General Provisions
   71.01   Police and Fire Departments to regulate traffic in emergency
   71.02   Board of Works to maintain official traffic signage
   71.03   Erecting unofficial signs and the like prohibited
   71.04   Application of regulations to pushcarts, bicycles, animals
   71.05   Attaching to a vehicle; riding on portion not intended for passengers
   71.06   Prohibition of skateboards, coasters or roller skates in certain areas
   Operation Generally
   71.20   Unlawful to disobey official signs and markings
   71.21   Traffic-control signal legend
   71.22   Compliance with orders of police or fire required
   71.23   Obstructing traffic
   71.24   Motorized vehicles prohibited on floodwalls
   71.25   Following emergency vehicles
   71.26   Yield to the right upon approach of emergency vehicle
   71.27   Breaking into funeral procession
   71.28   Driving on sidewalk area
   71.29   Driving overloaded vehicle
   71.30   Towing vehicles
   Speed Regulations
   71.45   Speed limits
   71.46   Speed limits in alleys
   71.47   Adoption of I.C. 9-21-5