General Administration Provisions
   30.01   County Highway Department; remove overburden from gravel pit
   30.02   Appliance removal
   30.03   Microfilm Department controlled by County Clerk
   30.04   Appointing purchasing agents
   30.05   Records for fixed assets
   30.06   Veteran’s grave marker allowance
   30.07   Regulations and enforcement guidelines for the County Weights and Measures Inspector
   30.08   Smoke-free county buildings
   30.09   Authority of Auditor to make certain claim payments in advance
   30.10   Use of credit cards authorized
County Courthouse
   30.20   Area adjacent to the county courthouse
   30.21   Possession of weapons
   30.22   Use of emergency exits
Economic Development
   30.35   Economic Development for a Growing Economy incentive
   30.36   Data center incentive to promote investment and job growth
Internal Control Policy and Procedures
   30.45   Adoption and implementation
   30.46   Minimum level of internal control standards and procedures
   30.47   Principles and explanation of standards
   30.48   Design, implementation, operation and modification of current standards
   30.49   Authorization
   30.50   Board composition and terms
   30.51   Compliance with standards
   30.52   Training
   30.53   Internal Control Oversight Committee
   30.54   Cooperation of employees
   30.55   Failure of compliance
Materiality Policy and Process for Reporting Material Items
   30.65   Variances, losses, shortages, or thefts
   30.66   Reports of variance
   30.67   Fraud
   30.68   Compliance
   30.99   Penalty
   County organizations, see Chapter 33
   Emergency management, see Chapter 34
   Fees, tax and finance, see Chapter 35
   Ordinance Violations Bureau, see Chapter 37