A.   Depositing Rubbish Or Injurious Material On Public Ways: No person shall place, throw or deposit or cause to be thrown, placed or deposited on any street, alley or public place any of the following:
      1.   Any stone, brick, gravel, crushed rock, asphalt, tar, oil or grease or any other substance injurious to pavement.
      2.   Any ashes, rubbish, manure, carcass of any dead animal or any other filthy or offensive matter or thing. This subsection shall not apply to building material placed on streets or provided by this Code or other ordinance. (1984 Code § 34-3)
   B.   Leaving Rubbish Or Sweepings Within Business District: No person, except City employees actually engaged in cleaning streets or alleys, shall deposit or leave in any street or alley within the Business District of the City any sweepings or rubbish. (1984 Code § 34-22)
   C.   Tampering With Public Ways And Property: No person shall injure or remove any pavement, sidewalk, crosswalk, drain or sewer or dig any hole, ditch or drains in any street, alley or public ground or remove any of the gravel, sand or soil therefrom, except when authorized by the Director of Public Works. (1984 Code § 34-5)
   D.   Vehicles On Parkings Or Sidewalks: See subsection 7-3-8B of this Code. (Ord. O2019-03, 4-15-2019, eff. 7-1-2019)