A.   Account Of Cost: The Director of Public Works shall cause to be kept an account of the costs for snow and ice removal under section 8-1-7-3 of this section 8-1-7 as to each lot or parcel of land so cleared. Such accounting shall be certified to the Finance Officer following every snow season.
   B.   Estimate And Notice Of Assessment: The Finance Officer shall prepare an estimate of the assessment against each lot for snow and ice removal to include the expense of levying such special assessment against each lot. The Finance Officer shall cause to be published in the official newspaper the assessment roll, together with a notice of the time and place when the City Council will meet for the purpose of considering such assessment roll. Such notice shall be published once a week for two (2) successive weeks prior to the date of the hearing.
   C.   Approval By City Council; Filing Of Assessment: Upon the day so named, the City Council shall meet, and if it finds the estimate correct, it shall approve the same by resolution, or if not correct, it shall correct or modify the same and approve the same as modified or corrected and file such assessment roll with the Finance Officer.
   D.   Lien Against Property: From the date of the approval and filing of such assessment roll with the Finance Officer, the same shall be and become a special lien against the various pieces of property described in the assessment roll and shall be collected in like manner as special assessments for public improvements are now collected. (Ord. O2018-08, 9-17-2018)