A.   Moving Things Over Public Ways:
      1.   No person shall drag over any of the streets or alleys of the city any branches of trees, chain or other material which shall come in contact with and drag upon such roadway. This subsection A1 shall not apply to machines used in maintaining the streets and alleys, under the supervision of the director of public works. (1984 Code § 34-7)
      2.   No person shall move any article over any street or alley within the city unless such article is entirely supported on wheels, except when such operation is specifically authorized by the Director of Public Works. (1984 Code § 34-24)
   B.   Vehicles With Lugs: No person shall haul, drive or convey across or upon any of the paved or bituminous surfaced streets, alleys or crosswalks of the City any engine, tractor, machine or vehicle having lugs, cogs or spikes on the wheels or tracks thereof without first having planked such pavement in a manner sufficient to prevent damage to such pavement. (1984 Code § 34-6)
   C.   Fires On Pavements: No person shall burn or permit to be burned any material of any kind upon any paved or bituminous surfaced street, alley or public place 1 . (1984 Code § 34-11)
   D.   Use Of Saltwater Mixtures: No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited, directly or indirectly any salt or saltwater brine upon any sidewalk, street or alley, except for the placing of salt upon sidewalks and pavements when it is necessary to protect pedestrians from slipping on the ice. (1984 Code § 34-2)



1. See section 5-4-4 of this Code.