A.   Vehicle Obstructions: No person shall place, leave or keep on any street, road, alley, sidewalk or other public ground any vehicle, except when the same shall be in actual use or parked as provided by this Code 1 or other Traffic Ordinances or any other article, substance or material which may obstruct the free use of such street, road, alley, sidewalk or public ground. (1984 Code § 34-1)
   B.   Train Obstructions: No railroad company, engineer, conductor or other employee of such company shall cause or allow any locomotive engine, car or train to stop or remain on any street or railroad crossing for a longer period than five (5) minutes at any one time; provided, that in case of accident at any such place, a reasonable time shall be allowed to remove any obstruction caused thereby. (1984 Code § 34-10)
   C.   Sight Triangle At Intersections 2 : (Rep. by Ord. 2422, 1-21-2013)
   D.   Crowds Obstructing Public Ways: It shall be unlawful for persons to gather in crowds or groups or for any person to stand on any public street or sidewalk in such a manner as to obstruct free passage thereon or to annoy other persons passing along the same, and any police officer is authorized to disperse any crowd or group or to cause the removal of any person violating the provisions of this subsection and to summarily arrest any person in case of refusal to obey any reasonable direction or preventing annoyance to any passerby on any public street or sidewalk. (1984 Code § 34-20)



2. See title 7, chapter 4 of this Code.
1. See subsection 9-4-5I of this Code.