Editor's note.  This division contains selected acts of the general assembly which relate especially to Middletown, arranged into articles according to their subject matter.  Each article begins with a section "1," so that any reference to a section in this division should include the article number thereof. The historical citation at the end of each section denotes the year, chapter and section number of the public law from which the section derives.
   The frontal section analysis and the article headings are supplied by the editors and are not official; and some of the section catchlines have been altered or supplied by the editors for the purpose of clarification.  A uniform system of capitalization has been adopted, words in brackets have been supplied by the editors, punctuation has been supplied in some instances, and some sections have been divided into subsections or paragraphs for which catchlines have been supplied.  No change in substance has been made.
Article I.  Public Laws 1969, Chapter 52, Validation of Certain Provisions of Home Rule Charter.
   §  1.   Town's home rule Charter validated.
   §  2.   Severability.
   §  3.   When article effective.
Article II.  Public Laws 1969, Chapter 110, Aquidneck Island, Regional Disposal Authority.
   §  1.   Regional disposal authority authorized, etc.
   §  2.   Directors and officers.
   §  3.   Purposes.
   §  4.   Specific powers of the authority.
   §  5.   Award of contracts by competitive bidding.
   §  6.   Federal land; certain authority vested in governor.
   §  7.   Loans, contributions and guarantees by member municipalities.
   §  8.   Disposal contracts.
   §  9.   Obligations of member municipalities.
   §  10.   Temporary borrowing.
   §  11.   Bonds.
   §  12.   Exemptions from taxation.
   §  13.   Severability; constitutional requirements to be met.
   §  14.   Referenda.
   §  15.   Effective date.
Article III.  Public Laws 1959, Chapter 72, Building Inspections, Demolitions and Repairs.
   §  1.   Periodic inspections of buildings, and procedure when hazards are found.
   §  2.   Time and place for hearing relating to hazards.
   §  3.   Findings of board; order to remove hazard and enforcement thereof; lien for costs incurred.
   §  4.   Assessment of costs against property owner, and recovery thereof by town.
   §  5.   Service of notices.
   §  6.   Judicial review of order of board, and procedure therefor; authority of court.
   §  7.   Effective date; repealing clause.
Article IV.  Public Laws 1918, Chapter 1692, as Amended, Elections.
   §  1.   Times for election of members of town council and school committee.
Article V.  Public Laws 1958, Chapter 5, Fiscal Year.
   §  1.   Established as from July first through next succeeding June Thirtieth.
Article VI.  Public Laws 1962, Chapter 74, Pension Plan Authorized.
   §  1.   Authority of town council to establish pension plan.
   §  2.   Referendum.
   §  3.   Effective date.
Article VII.  Public Laws 1958, Chapter 138, as Amended, Sanitary Sewers.
   §  1.   Town authorized to construct, maintain and operate sewerage works; what included; eminent domain.
   §  2.   Authority of council as to construction, operation, maintenance and repair of sewerage works.
   §  3.   Authority to issue bonds.
   §  4.   Execution and sale of bonds; interest; premiums; proceeds.
   §  5.   Authority to issue temporary notes.
   §  6.   Bonds and notes as valid obligation of town; exception from General Laws § 45-12-2; amortization of bonds.
   §  7.   Bonds and notes not affected by change in town officers.
   §  8.   Issuance of bonds or notes requires prior approval of electors present at financial town meeting.
   §  9.   Imposition, collection and enforcement of charges for use of sewers.
   §  10.   Costs of construction of sewerage works and laterals; annual assessments; liens created.
   §  11.   Annual charges may fluctuate; special assessments to meet deficiency in revenue.
   §  11A.   Procedures relating to collection, correction and cancellation of charges and assessments.
   §  12.   Apportionment of assessments among joint tenants and tenants in common.
   §  13.   Adjustment of inequitable charges.
   §  14.   Exemptions for religious societies and cemeteries.
   §  15.   Acquisition of property necessary for sewage purposes.
   §  16.   Contracts with federal and municipal governments.
   §  17.   Ordinances, etc., relative to use of sewer system, and penalties for violation thereof.
   §  18.   Plats of common sewers to be filed with town clerk as public records.
   §  19.   Acceptance by town of federal and state funds.
   §  20.   Severability clause.
   §  21.   Article not to affect any other power of town.
   §  22.   Validation of prior actions taken and bonds and notes previously issued.
   §  23.   Referendum.
   §  24.   Effective date.
Article VIII.  Public Laws 1979, Chapter 335, Taxation.
   §  1.   Property exempt.