Article I. General Provisions
   2.48.010   Policies and procedures
   2.48.020   Application
   2.48.030   Public access to procurement information
   2.48.040   Requirement of good faith
   2.48.050   Property rights
   2.48.060   Severability
   2.48.070   Singular-plural gender rules
   2.48.080   Definitions
Article II. Office of the Director of Purchasing
   2.48.090   Authority and duties
   2.48.100   Maximum practicable competition
Article III. Source Selection and Contract Formation
   2.48.110   Competitive sealed bidding
   2.48.120   Procedures
   2.48.130   Submission of bids
   2.48.140   Contents of bids
   2.48.150   Bid results
Article IV. Professional Services and Requests for Proposals
   2.48.160   Professional services
   2.48.170   Competitive sealed proposals
   2.48.180   Cancellation or rejection of requests for proposals
Article V. Non-Competitive Procurement, Emergencies and Small Purchases
   2.48.190   Non-competitive procurement
   2.48.200   Emergency procedures
   2.48.210   Purchase structure
   2.48.220   Small purchases
Article VI. Cost or Pricing Data and Analysis
   2.48.230   Contractor certification
   2.48.240   Price adjustment
   2.48.250   Cost or pricing data not required
   2.48.260   Cost or price analysis
   2.48.270   Approval of accounting system
Article VII. Contract Management Policy
   2.48.280   Contract policy
   2.48.290   Definitions
   2.48.300   Procedures
   2.48.310   Types of contracts
Article VIII. Contract Execution
   2.48.320   Requisitions
   2.48.330   Fiscal responsibility
   2.48.340   Authorization to issue bids or other solicitations
   2.48.350   Review of contracts
   2.48.360   Approval of contracts
Article IX. Contract Changes
   2.48.370   Change orders and contract modifications
Article X. Cooperative Purchasing
   2.48.380   Cooperative purchasing authorized
   2.48.390   Sale, acquisition or use of goods
   2.48.400   Cooperative use of goods, supplies and services
   2.48.410   Joint use of facilities
Article XI. Ethics in Public Contracting
   2.48.420   Statement of policy
   2.48.430   General standards of ethical conduct
   2.48.440   Criminal penalties
   2.48.450   Employee conflict of interest
   2.48.460   Gratuities and kickbacks
   2.48.470   Prohibition against contingent fees
   2.48.480   Contemporaneous employment prohibited
   2.48.490   Waivers from contemporaneous employment; prohibition and other conflicts of interest
   2.48.500   Use of confidential information
   2.48.510   Reporting of anti-competitive practices
   2.48.520   Sanctions
   2.48.530   Recovery of value transferred or received in breach of ethical standards
Article XII. Appeals and Remedies
   2.48.540   Bid protests
   2.48.550   Contract claims
   2.48.560   Authority of the Director of Purchasing to settle bid protests and contract claims
   2.48.570   Access to administrative forum, subject to statutory provisions
   2.48.580   Procedure for non-compliance
Article XIII. Debarment
   2.48.590   Authority to debar
   2.48.600   Decision to debar
Article XIV. Division of Transportation Requirements
   2.48.610   Division of Transportation