Except with respect to firm fixed price Contracts, no Contract type shall be used unless it has been determined in writing by the Director of Purchasing that:
   A.   the proposed Contractor’s accounting system will permit timely development of all necessary Cost Data in the form required by the specific Contract type contemplated; and
   B.   the proposed Contractor’s accounting system is adequate to allocate costs in accordance with generally accepted cost accounting principles.
(Ord. O-200003-12-022, passed 3-23-2000; Ord. O-200404-06-048, passed 4-20-2004; Ord. O-200611-09-107, passed 11-21-2006; Ord. O-201408-06-27, passed 8-5-2014; Ord. O-201601-06-001, passed 1-5-2016, § 6-105)