A.   Appeal Process. Any actual or prospective bidder or Contractor may appeal a decision of the Director of Purchasing regarding Bid protests or Contract claims to the Management Services Committee. Said appeal shall be made in writing within ten (10) calendar days from the date of receipt of the decision. The protestor shall be notified of the time and date when the appeal shall be considered and afforded a reasonable opportunity to state its position. Any party whose interests may be adversely affected by a protest or appeal shall also be notified and have the right to appear for the purpose of protecting those interests.
   B.   Decision. The Management Services Committee shall promptly issue a decision:
      1.   prior to award, said decision shall be referred with the Resolution for award of the Contract for consideration by the County Board; or
      2.   after award, the decision of the Management Services Committee shall be final and conclusive.
   C.   Elected County Officials. Decisions and determinations made under this section and § 2.48.560 are subject to the review and approval of Elected County Officials as provided by State law.
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