General Provisions
   93.001   Definitions
   93.002   Scope
   93.003   Adoption of state alcoholic beverage control laws
   93.004   Mandatory compliance
Term and Issuance of License
   93.015   License required
   93.016   Application
   93.017   Issuance standards
   93.018   Refusal of issuance
   93.019   Term of license
Licenses Required; Fees
   93.030   Activities permitted by licenses
   93.031   Distilled spirits and wine licenses
   93.032   Distilled spirit, wine and malt beverage combination licenses
   93.033   Malt beverage licenses
   93.034   Special and limited purpose licenses
Retail Business Operating Regulations
   93.045   Hours of operation
   93.046   Patio and outdoor sales
   93.047   Keeping of books and records
   93.048   Posting of signs and display of license
Prohibited Practices
   93.060   Advertising by handbills, circulars, and cards
   93.061   Prizes prohibited
   93.062   Intoxicated persons
   93.063   Consumption on licensed premises
   93.064   Retail premises not to be disorderly
   93.065   Underage drinking
   93.066   Bring your own beverage AKA “BYOB” expressly prohibited
Enforcement and Penalties
   93.080   Enforcement; investigation and inspection of premises
   93.081   Civil fines
   93.999   Penalty