For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning; and, in addition to the definitions and rules of construction set out in this section, the definitions contained in KRS 241.010 are adopted as the meaning of such words used in this chapter.
   ADMINISTRATOR, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL ADMINISTRATOR or COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR. The County Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator. The County Deputy Judge/Executive serves as the County Alcoholic Beverage Administrator and shall administer and see to the enforcement of this chapter and all statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky relating thereto and the regulations of the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.
   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE. Every liquid or solid, whether patented or not, containing alcohol in any amount in excess of more than 1% of alcohol by volume, which is capable of being consumed by human beings. It includes every beverage for which the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires a license under KRS Chapter 243.
   BOARD. - The State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board created by KRS 241.030.
   COUNTY. McCracken County, Kentucky.
   DISTILLED SPIRITS. Any product capable of being consumed by a human being which contains alcohol in excess of the amount permitted by KRS Chapter 242 obtained by distilling, mixed with water or other substances in solution, except wine, hard cider and malt beverages.
   HOTELS. Includes both “motels” and “inns”.
   LICENSE. Any license issued pursuant to KRS 243.020 to 243.670.
   LICENSEE. Any person to whom a license has been issued, pursuant to KRS 243.020 to 243.670.
   MALT BEVERAGE. Any fermented undistilled alcoholic beverage of any name or description, manufactured from malt wholly or in part, or from any substitute for malt, and having an alcoholic content greater than that permitted under KRS Chapter 242.
   PREMISES or LICENSED PREMISES. A building or structure that does not include any apartment structures, parking lots, or areas outside the confines of such building or structure.
   RESTAURANT or BONA FIDE RESTAURANT. A facility where the usual and customary business is the serving of meals to consumers and that has a bona fide kitchen facility which has been inspected, approved, and holds a valid certification by the McCracken County Health Department, and that derives at least 50% of its total gross receipts from the sale of food.
   RETAIL SALE. The sale for use or consumption and not for resale.
   SALE. Any transfer, exchange or barter for consideration, and includes all sales made by any person, whether principal, proprietor or agent, servant or employee, of any alcoholic beverage. SALE further means to solicit or receive an order for, keep or expose for sale, keep with intent to sell, and the delivery of any alcoholic beverage.
   STATE LICENSE. Any license issued pursuant to KRS Chapters 241 to 244.
   WHOLESALE SALE. A sale to any person for the purpose of resale.
   WINE. The product of the normal alcoholic fermentation of the juices of fruits, with the usual process of manufacture and normal additions, and includes champagne and sparkling and fortified wine of an alcoholic content not to exceed 24% by volume. It includes cider, hard cider, and perry cider and also includes preparation or mixtures vended in retail containers if these preparations or mixtures contain not more than 15% of alcohol by volume. It includes ciders, perry, or sake.
(Ord. 2018-01, passed 3-12-2018)