General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Unlawful to connect certain drains to sanitary sewer system
   51.003   Private drainage lines to connect to storm sewer, catch basins
   51.004   Unlawful to discharge sewage into storm sewer
   51.005   Unlawful to dump petroleum into sanitary sewer
   51.006   Disposal of trash, debris and unwanted material into stormwater conveyance system
   51.007   Restriction on sanitary sewer connections
   51.008   Damaging, interfering with or destroying sewage works property prohibited
   51.009   Effective date of rates and charges
   51.020   Office created
   51.021   Appointment
   51.022   Oath and bond
   51.023   Duties of Superintendent
   51.035   Application for permit
   51.036   Permit approved or denied
   51.037   Charge for connection servicing single-family use
   51.038   Charge for connection servicing multi-family, commercial or industrial use
   51.039   Connection to be inspected before covered
   51.040   Application for connection outside municipality
   51.041   Unlawful to make connections to Lincoln Highway improvement
   51.042   Unlawful to allow discharge to 216th Street improvement
Building Connections
   51.055   Unauthorized connection to, interference with public sewer prohibited
   51.056   Prohibited discharges
   51.057   Building sewer permits
   51.058   Inspection of sewer mains
   51.059   Excavations
   51.060   Extraneous flows unlawful
   51.061   Illegal connections
   51.062   Maintenance the responsibility of the owner
   51.063   Downspouts, roof drains and sump pumps
Sewage Systems
   51.075   Installation of sewage system
   51.076   Construction requirements
   51.077   Certification of compliance
Connection to Public Sewer Required
   51.090   Prohibited deposits
   51.091   Prohibited discharges
   51.092   Privies and the like prohibited
   51.093   Connection to public sewer system required
   51.094   Unlawful to make connection without permit
   51.095   Issuance of permit
   51.096   Costs, expense of building sewer installation
   51.097   Separate sewer for each building required; exception
   51.098   Old building sewers connected to new buildings
   51.099   Specifications
   51.100   Adoption of Manual of Procedures for Administration of Sewer Permit Ordinance
   51.101   Prohibited connections to public sanitary sewers
   51.102   Connection standards
Use of Public Sewers
   51.115   Discharges into sanitary sewers
   51.116   Discharges into storm sewers
   51.117   Prohibited discharges
   51.118   Discharge of harmful wastes
   51.119   Remedies for harmful waste discharges
   51.120   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.121   Preliminary treatment
   51.122   Control manholes
   51.123   Measurements, tests and analyses; when required
   51.124   Grab samples
Wastewater Service Charges
   51.135   Basis for wastewater service charges
   51.136   Basic user charges
   51.137   Adequacy of wastewater service charge
   51.138   Notice of charges to users
   51.139   Measurement of flow
   51.140   Rates
   51.141   Flat rate charge
Billing and Administration Procedures
   51.155   Billing procedures
   51.156   Disconnection for late payment
   51.157   Lien-notice of delinquency
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   51.170   Inspection
   51.171   Liability
   51.172   Entry on private property
   Appendix A:   Application Forms