156.A.001   Title
   156.A.002   Purposes
   156.A.003   Authority
   156.A.004   Applicability
   156.A.005   Jurisdiction
   156.A.006   Abrogation, conflict, and private restrictions
   156.A.007   Minimum requirements
   156.A.008   Severability
   156.A.009   Effective date and repeal
   156.A.010   Transitional provisions
   156.B.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.B.002   Zoning districts established
   156.B.003   Official Zoning Map
   156.B.004   Residential district development standards
   156.B.005   Nonresidential and mixed-use district development standards
   156.B.006   Development types
   156.B.007   Civic and open space types
   156.B.008   Measurements and allowances
   156.C.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.C.002   Use table legend
   156.C.003   Use table
   156.C.004   Limited use standards
   156.C.005   Special use permit standards
   156.C.006   Flood hazard districts standards
   156.C.007   Accessory uses and structures
   156.C.008   Temporary uses and structures
   156.C.009   Wireless communications facilities
   156.C.010   New and unlisted uses
   156.C.011   Performance standards
   156.D.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.D.002   General requirements
   156.D.003   Single-family and duplex
   156.D.004   Multiplex
   156.D.005   Townhouse
   156.D.006   Apartment
   156.D.007   Urban core and mixed-use
   156.D.008   Urban core historic district overlay
   156.D.009   Nonresidential
   156.E.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.E.002   General requirements
   156.E.003   Parking design
   156.E.004   Required off-street parking
   156.E.005   Required accessible parking
   156.E.006   Parking credits and reductions
   156.E.007   Off-street loading
   156.E.008   Off-street stacking
   156.F.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.F.002   General requirements
   156.F.003   Development landscaping
   156.F.004   Buffering
   156.F.005   Screening
   156.F.006   Installation and maintenance
   156.G.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.G.002   General requirements
   156.G.003   Prohibited signs
   156.G.004   Permanent signs
   156.G.005   Sign illumination
   156.G.006   Temporary signs
   156.G.007   Installation, maintenance, and removal
   156.H.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.H.002   General requirements
   156.H.003   Light sources
   156.H.004   Lighting placement and height
   156.I.001   City Council
   156.I.002   Plan and Zoning Commission
   156.I.003   Board of Adjustment
   156.I.004   Zoning Administrator
   156.I.005   Floodplain Administrator
   156.I.006   Building Official
   156.J.001   Purpose and application
   156.J.002   Common review procedures
   156.J.003   Legislative review procedures
   156.J.004   Administrative review procedures
   156.J.005   Quasi-judicial review procedures
   156.K.001   Purpose and applicability
   156.K.002   Nonconforming uses
   156.K.003   Nonconforming structures
   156.K.004   Nonconforming lots
   156.K.005   Nonconforming signs
   156.K.006   Nonconforming site improvements
   156.K.007   Conversion of nonconformities
   156.L.001      Penalties
   156.M.001   Rules of construction
   156.M.002   Acronyms and abbreviations
   156.M.003   Definitions