Property Maintenance Code
   151.01   Property Maintenance Code adopted by reference
   151.02   Purpose
   151.03   Amendments
   151.04   Compliance required
   151.05   Nuisance abatement provisions
   151.06   Chronic nuisance property
Additional Housing Regulations
   151.15   Responsibilities of owners and occupants
   151.16   Basic equipment and facilities
   151.17   Light, ventilation and heating
   151.18   Safe and sanitary maintenance
   151.19   Space, use and location
   151.20   Compliance with provisions
   151.21   Determination of defects; placard
   151.22   Vacation of condemned dwellings
   151.23   Written approval required for habitation after dwelling declared unfit
   151.24   Placard; removing or defacing prohibited
   151.25   Hearing to be granted before Board of Health
   151.26   Inspection of dwellings and premises; right of entry
   151.27   Inspection of real property prior to sale, rental or transfer of title
   151.28   Certification of structure establishing conformity with standards required; inspection procedure
   151.29   Enforcement of provisions; notice of violations; hearing
   151.30   Transfer stamps requirement upon real estate transfer
Occupancy Regulations
   151.45   Application
   151.46   License
   151.47   Enforcement official
   151.48   Inspections
   151.49   Appeals
   151.50   Certificate of occupancy
   151.51   Sale or lease in absence of inspection
   151.52   Procurement of warrant
   151.53   Fees
   151.54   Rules and regulations
   151.99   Penalty