§ 151.53 FEES.
   (A)   (1)   The fee for an inspection of a one-family dwelling shall be $25.
      (2)   The fee for inspection of a multi-family apartment house shall be $25 per dwelling unit.
      (3)   The fee shall be double for any one-family dwelling or multiple-family apartment if actions are taken that do not conform with other sections of this subchapter.
      (4)   No fee shall be charged for any necessary reinspection of any building or dwelling unless the non- owner occupant or person in charge of the building or dwelling has failed to appear for two previous scheduled inspections.
(Prior Code, § 151.43)
   (B)   Fees and fines set forth in the attachment to Ord. 04-O-1799 are hereby adopted by reference and incorporated herein as if set out in full.
(Ord. 04-O-1799, passed 3-21-2004; Ord. 06-O-1863, passed 5-7-2006)