General Provisions
   156.001   Short title
   156.002   Interpretation
   156.003   Definitions
   156.004   Relationship to Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan
Regulating Districts, Zoning Map, Permitted and Conditional Uses
   156.020   General regulations
   156.021   Agricultural
   156.022   Conservation
   156.023   Rural Residential
   156.024   Low-Density Residential
   156.025   Medium-Density Residential
   156.026   High-Density Residential
   156.027   Neighborhood Commercial
   156.028   General Commercial
   156.029   Central Business District (CBD)
   156.030   Light Industrial
   156.031   General Industrial
   156.032   Office Professional
   156.033   Medical District Overlay
   156.034   Zero Lot Line District
   156.035   Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Uses Permitted with Conditions
   156.050   Purpose
   156.051   Conditional uses
   156.052   Alteration and expiration
Permits and Development Plans
   156.070   Intent and purpose
   156.071   Grading and paving permit
   156.072   Encroachment/access permit
   156.073   Change of use permit
   156.074   Building permit
   156.075   Development plan review criteria
   156.076   Building permits non-transferable
   156.077   Exceptions to building permit requirements
   156.078   Certificate of occupancy
   156.079   Demolition permit
Administration, Enforcement and Variances
   156.100   Administrative Official
   156.101   Complaints
   156.102   Schedule of fees
   156.103   Board of Adjustments
   156.104   Administrative review
   156.105   Conditional use permits
   156.106   Variances; conditions governing applications; procedures
   156.107   Appeals from the Board of Adjustments
   156.108   Duties of Administrative Official, Board of Adjustments and courts on matters of appeal
   156.109   Limits of authority
Non-Conforming Situations
   156.120   Continuation of non-conforming situations
   156.121   Abandonment and discontinuance of non-conforming situations
   156.122   Enlargements to non-conforming situations
   156.123   Non-conforming structures
   156.124   Repair, maintenance and reconstruction
Landscaping and Screening
   156.140   Intent and general provisions
   156.141   Off-street parking
   156.142   Landscape and land use buffers
   156.143   Transitional screening and barriers for storage and utility areas
   156.144   Landscaping at driveways and street intersections
   156.145   Waiving screening and buffer requirements
Parking Regulations
   156.160   General design standards
   156.161   Parking space dimensions
   156.162   Cooperative parking
   156.163   Parking requirements and certificates of occupancy
   156.164   Additional parking requirements in Industrial District
   156.165   Off-street loading requirements
Manufactured Housing Regulations 
   156.180   Definitions
   156.181   Location
   156.182   Replacement of non-conforming manufactured/mobile homes not in an MHP
   156.183   General regulations and procedures
   156.184   Manufactured Housing Park (MHP) regulations
   156.200   General provisions
   156.201   Zoning map and text amendments
   156.202   Planning Commission procedure
   156.203   Notice of public hearing
   156.204   Public hearing on application
   156.205   Recommendation of Commission for zoning map amendments
   156.206   Action by City Council on zoning map amendments
   156.207   Recommendation of Commission for text amendments
   156.208   Action by City Council on text amendments
   156.209   Zoning change reconsideration
   156.999   Violations and penalties