(A)  The city shall recruit and hire in accordance with § 34.03.
   (B)   When vacancies occur, preference may be given to current city employees who possess the qualifications necessary to fill the vacant position.  If in the judgement of management, a job cannot be filled by promotion from within, the city will recruit from the outside.
   (C)   When recruiting from the outside, recognized channels of procurement will be utilized and applicants for a particular position will be screened using the following criteria except where said criteria cannot be shown to be job-related:
      (1)    Prior job-related experience.
      (2)    Physical ability required for the position.
      (3)    Work history.
      (4)    Education.
      (5)    Applicant's ambitions and goals.
      (6)    Special qualifications, licenses, or certification required by the position.
      (7)    Experience in the applicant's personal history.
      (8)    Compliance with applicable law.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )