General Provisions
   90.001   Animals banned
   90.002   Unlawful to permit animals to run at large
   90.003   Special permit
   90.004   Unusual animals
   90.005   Enclosures
   90.006   Rabies; impoundment
   90.007   Killing of animals by authorities
   90.008   Abandonment, neglect, cruelty
   90.009   Transient owner exemption
   90.010   Fowl; written permission from adjoining property owner to keep fowl
   90.011   Fowl; roosters prohibited
   90.012   Fowl; running at large
   90.020   Definitions
   90.021   Liability for damages; allowing dog to injure or destroy property unlawful
   90.022   Dog waste
   90.023   Live traps
   90.024   Licensing; certificate or rabies vaccination required; license tax; collar or harness required; license tag required
   90.025   Dog guides, hearing aid dogs and service dogs; exempt from license tax
   90.026   Presumption of age
   90.027   Impounding
   90.028   Maintenance of control by owner, keeper, harborer; impoundment; fees
   90.029   Vicious dogs; unlawful to not be held by chain; Mayor may direct dogs be restrained or confined
   90.030   Rabies; impoundment
   90.031   Bitten by rabid animal; disposition
   90.032   Continuous barking, howling and the like
   90.033   Killing, poisoning and injuring unlawful
   90.034   Collection of fees, fines, penalties and funding
   90.035   License fees
   90.036   Removal of tags
   90.037   Number of animals on premises limited
   90.038   Interference with police
Dangerous Dogs
   90.050   Definitions
   90.051   Restraint
   90.052   Confinement
   90.053   Failure to comply
Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and Doberman Pinschers
   90.065   Keeping prohibited
   90.999   Penalty