General Provisions
   39.001   Nondiscrimination on the basis of handicapped status
   39.002   Employee authority in immigration matters
Metro Government-Owned and/or Leased Property
   39.030   Owner disclosure requirement for Metro Government leased or purchased real property
   39.031   Reserved
   39.032   Reserved
   39.033   Naming of Metro Government property
Emergency Medical Services; Costs
   39.045   Schedule of fees for emergency medical services
   39.046   Collection of scheduled fees
   39.047   Budget ordinance adopted by reference
   39.048   Denial of emergency medical services for nonpayment prohibited
   39.060   Payment
   39.061   Constables shall not use emergency equipment
   39.062   Constables not to wear sheriffs' or police uniforms
   39.063   Constables limited authority to appoint deputy staff
Vehicle and Travel Policies
   39.065   Vehicle use
   39.066   Travel policy
   39.067   Use of flashing, rotating, or oscillating red and blue lights and sirens by coroner and deputy coroner permitted
Financial Assistance for Conventions
   39.080   Reserved
   39.081   Process for evaluating requests for grant funds
Metro Government Sponsored Publications
   39.090   Information to be included
Smoking Policy for Metro Government-Owned Property
   39.100   Policy
   39.101   Reserved
   39.102   Reserved
   39.103   Reserved
   39.104   Vehicles
Searchable Accountability Website
   39.120   Definitions
   39.121   Establishment
   39.122   Updates
   39.123   Compliance
Surplus Expenditures
   39.130   Definitions
   39.131   Regulations
   39.132   Report
Anonymous Ethics Tip Line
   39.140   Establishment
Law Enforcement Priority
   39.150   Purpose and policy statement
   39.151   Definitions
   39.152   Public safety officials lowest level enforcement priority
Economic Development
   39.160   Economic development reporting requirements
Breonna’s Law
   39.175   Definitions
   39.176   Use of no-knock search warrants banned
   39.177   Execution of search warrants by Metro employees
   39.178   Use of body cameras in the execution of search warrants
   39.179   Complaints and discipline
   39.180   Severability
   39.181   Title
   39.998   Severability