General Provisions
   38.01   Investment of tax revenues
   38.02   Adoption of Metro Government assessment
   38.03 through 38.08 Reserved
   38.09   Abandoned property classified as real property
   38.10   Delinquent tax collection
   38.11   Tax delinquency diversion program for blighted property
   38.20   Definitions
   38.21   New manufacturing establishment
   38.22   Reserved
   38.23   Statement required
   38.24   Exemption granted; procedure
Taxes on Certain Property and Services
   38.30 through 38.33 Reserved
   38.34   Levy of taxes upon real property
   38.35   Levy of taxes upon tangible personal property
   38.36   Levy of taxes upon taxable capital of domestic life insurance companies
   38.37   Levy of a franchise tax on the deposits of financial institutions located within the former boundary limits of the City of Louisville
Urban Services Tax Districts
   38.60   District established
   38.61   Board of Directors designated
   38.62   Powers of District Board
   38.63   Reserved
   38.64   Setting an insurance premiums license fee on health insurance
Ad Valorem Tax Rates
   38.80   Ad valorem tax rates established
   38.98   Severability