Preferences for Local Businesses
   37.01   Definitions
   37.02   Preferences for local businesses regardless of procurement procedure
   37.03   Certification as local business; application
   37.04   Preparation of rules and regulations; annual report
Prevailing Wage
   37.10   Title
   37.11   Application of state statute
   37.12   Definitions
   37.13   Determination of prevailing rate of wages
   37.14   Contractors to maintain records open for inspection
   37.15   Hours of employment
   37.16   Complaints
   37.17   Reserved
   37.18   Reserved
   37.19   Penalty
Apprenticeship Programs
   37.20   Definitions
   37.21   Preference for qualified bidders with apprenticeship programs
   37.22   Penalty
Affirmative Action Plan for Contractors and Vendors
   37.25   Findings, purpose and policy
   37.26   Definitions
   37.27   Recommendation of approval; qualification and compliance
   37.28   Requirements for award of Metro Government contracts
   37.29   Adoption of rules and regulations
   37.30   Compliance of contractors and vendors
   37.31   Final approval or disapproval
   37.32   Purchasing Department administrative duties
   37.33   Department of Finance; annual report of expenditures
   37.34   Cooperation of Metro Government departments in administration and enforcement
   37.35   Noncompliance; cancellation, termination or suspension of contract
   37.36   Appeals
Continuation of Financial Systems
   37.50   Official records
   37.51   Signing of checks
   37.52   Petty cash funds; extraordinary disbursements
   37.53   Purchasing and contracts
Minimum Wage
   37.55   Minimum wage rates; restrictions on Metro Government
   37.56   Minimum wage preference
   37.57   Certification as minimum wage business
   37.58   Penalty for falsifying application as to minimum wage business
Minority, Female, and Handicapped Business Enterprises
   37.65   Definitions
   37.66   Certification process
   37.67   Expenditures
   37.68   Procurement from businesses
   37.69   Assistance of business
   37.70   Reserved
   37.71   Review of provisions and policies; rules and regulations
   37.72   Reserved
Fair Labor Standards for Taxpayer Subsidized Projects
   37.75   Taxpayer subsidized projects
   37.80   Liquidated damages
Project Labor Agreements
   37.90   Project labor agreements
Federal and/or State Grants
   37.95   Federal and/or state grants and requirements
   37.98   Severability
Editor's Note:
KRS 67C.119 specifically sets forth procedures for awarding contracts, leases and other agreements. To the extent any provisions in this chapter conflict with those procedures, the provisions are hereby null and void.