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   (Added by Ord. No. 178,101, Eff. 1/9/07.)
   For every person engaged in the business of Promoting or Staging Sporting Events, Operating or Maintaining Vending Machines, Collection Agencies, Storage, Freight Forwarding/Steamship Agency, and Personal Property Rental, Tax Rate C, as set forth in Section 21.33(c), shall be applicable.
   (a)   SPORTING EVENT. Sporting Event means the business of promoting or staging any baseball, football, soccer, tennis, polo, swimming, boxing, wrestling, or similar exhibition, event or contest; provided, however, as used in this section, "gross receipts" shall not include any of the following:
   1.   Receipts from a trade, calling, occupation, vocation, profession or other means of livelihood, which this City is prohibited from taxing under the Constitution or laws of the United States, or under the Constitution or laws of the State of California;
   2.   Receipts of community chests, funds, foundations or corporations organized and operated for religious, hospital or charitable purposes, not conducted for profit and no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual;
   3.   Receipts of non-profit educational institutions of collegiate grade, defined here to mean institutions incorporated as colleges or seminaries under the laws of the State of California, which require for regular admission the completion of a four-year high school course, or its equivalent, and which confer upon their graduates at least one academic or professional degree, based on a course of at least four years in liberal arts and sciences, or on a course of at least three years in professional studies such as law, theology, education, medicine, pharmacy, architecture, fine arts, commerce or journalism; receipts of non-profit secondary schools which are duly accredited by the University of California; and receipts of non-profit elementary schools in which instruction is given to students in the pre-primary and primary grades in the several branches of studies required to be taught in the public schools of the State of California;
   4.   Receipts of Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, non-profit automobile clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and other community service organizations; also receipts of trade associations such as Merchants Plumbers Association, Merchants and Manufacturers Association and labor organizations.
   1.   Vending Machine Operator means the business of operating, maintaining or letting the use of any coin-operated vending machine for the dispensing of goods, wares, merchandise or other tangible property.
   2.   Except as otherwise provided in this section, each coin-operated vending machine, which is operated, maintained or used within this City, shall have conspicuously stamped upon it or affixed on it for identification purposes, the name and address, Business Tax Registration Certificate number, and the telephone number, if any, of the owner or operator. The identification shall be provided by the owner or operator of the machine and at his expense, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 21.06(b) to the contrary, and shall be removed from the machine by the owner or operator when the authority to use the machine is transferred to another person, whether by sale, lease, license or otherwise.
   3.   No business tax or identification shall be required for the maintenance or operation of:
   (i)   Any postage stamp machine;
   (ii)   Any machine dispensing sanitary or hygienic articles, or drinking cups, towels or medicine, which machine is entirely owned and supplied by the owner or operator of the premises where the machine is installed, and is maintained solely for the convenience of employees, visitors or customers and, not for profit to him or to any other person;
   (iii)   Any machine, which is entirely owned, operated and supplied by the owner or operator of the premises where the machine is installed, and the owner or operator holds a valid registration certificate at that location to engage in a business taxed under the provisions of Section 21.42, Wholesale Sales or Section 21.44, Retail Sales, of this article, and the owner or operator includes the gross receipts from the sale of all goods, wares, merchandise or other tangible property dispensed by the machine in the measure of the applicable business tax paid under Section 21.42, Wholesale Sales or Section 21.44, Retail Sales, of this article;
   (iv)   Any machine dispensing newspapers or other printed matter.
   1.   Collection agency means and includes all persons engaged directly or indirectly and as primary or secondary object, business or pursuit, in soliciting claims for collection or in the collection of claims owed or due or asserted to be owned or due to another, and any person, when engaged in collecting accounts for another, where the employment is for one or more persons, shall be deemed to be engaged in the collection business within the meaning of this section. Any person using a fictitious name in collecting his or her own accounts receivable with the intention of conveying to the debtor that a third party has been employed, is a collection agency as contemplated by this section and shall be subject to these provisions. The term "collection agency" shall not include attorneys-at-law, individuals regularly employed on a regular wage or salary, in the capacity of credit men or in other similar capacity upon the staff of employees of any one person not engaged in the business of a collection agency, banks, abstract companies doing an escrow business, duly licensed real estate brokers or agents doing a real estate business, nor a merchant-owned non-profit credit association unless they are conducting a collection agency.
   2.   In computing the tax imposed by this section, there shall be deducted from gross receipts the amount received as the result of collections made outside of the State of California.
   1.   Freight Forwarding means the business of preparing the documentation and otherwise arranging for the importation or exportation of goods, wares or merchandise, or of collecting or consolidating for shipment in carload lots or less, truck load lots or less, any goods, wares or merchandise, as agent or bailee for any person where a fee is charged for that service.
   2.   Steamship Agency means the business of soliciting, receiving or handling outbound or inbound freight aboard vessels attending to operational requirements of vessels while they are entering, within and departing from a port, and performing husbanding services, such as arranging for ships stores, bunker fuel, crew changes, vessel repairs and delivery or re-delivery of vessels pursuant to charter.
   3.   Storage or Warehousing means the business of storing goods, ware or merchandise of any kind.
   1.   Personal Property Rental means the business of leasing or renting any tangible personal property. For the purpose of this section, Tangible Personal Property means personal property that may be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched, or which is in any other manner perceptible to the senses.
   2.   Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the inclusion of the amount received for the leasing or renting of tangible personal property, the entire use of which is made wholly outside the State of California.