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Sec. 19.2. Notice of Proposed Street Name Change.
   Before ordering the name of any public street changed upon a petition filed as hereinafter said, the City Engineer shall mail a “Notice of Proposed Street Name Change,” hereinafter “Notice,” to the record owners or occupants of real property abutting or affected by such public street name change, which “Notice” shall designate the street, or portion thereof, the name of which is proposed to be changed, by describing it with reference to other streets, and by the name or names which it bears, or by which it, or any portion thereof, may be or may have been named or known as or called, and shall state the name which is proposed to be established therefor.
Based on Ord. No. 29,582.
Amended by: Ord. No. 146,679, Eff. 12-2-74.