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Sec. 19.6. Petition for Change.
   The owners of real property abutting any public street in The City of Los Angeles, or their duly authorized agents, who shall make affidavits that they are such owners or agents, may file with the City Clerk a written majority petition addressed to the City Council, requesting that the name of any street upon which said petitioners’ real property abuts, be changed. Every such petition must be signed by a majority of such abutting owners or their duly authorized agents, and must give the legal or other sufficient description of the property for which they sign and the post office address of each signer thereof. Every such petition must state the reasons for any such proposed change of name and may suggest one or more names satisfactory to said petitioners to be established therefor.
Based on Ord. No. 29,582.
Amended by: Ord. No. 146,679, Eff. 12-2-74.